She flipped the script on the cop

Two recent cases in the news point out how police solicit or engage in sexual activity with people they either encounter on the street or on the road in a traffic stop. This is done in exchange for not arresting or ticketing them. A case I defended involved the police officer’s receipt of a sexual favor in exchange for the driver believing she would not get a citation for speeding. However, to the driver’s shock, the officer still wrote her a ticket. She complained to the police about this and the case went to trial for sexual battery against the officer. The woman testified that the officer “flipped the script” on her because the implicit plan, or script, was she would allow him special “access” in exchange for overlooking the speeding infraction. The jury found the officer not guilty because the driver at the time consented to the officer taking liberties with her. Lawyers keep up with news contained in stories like following because it can immediately destroy all pending cases the officer made if it can be proven to have happened or if the officer is fired. Monroe County Sheriff, Cobb County Police incident