Recent Successes

Following are a sampling of recent successes in drug, violent crime, obstruction, DUI, police officer employment related, and other cases completed by Criminal Defense Attorney Bert W. Cohen in the Cobb, Gwinnett, Fulton, Cherokee and surrounding Atlanta, Georgia counties in the recent past.

Client arrested in a suburban Atlanta county for D.U.I. and two additional counts for Endangering a Child While D.U.I. because client’s two children were in the car at the time. In Georgia these two Endangering a Child/D.U.I. counts are equivalent to two additional D.U.I cases. Thus, client was charged with three separate and independent D.U.I.s. A conviction on these three D.U.I.s would have resulted in a substantial jail sentence and a five year habitual violator license revocation. Mr. Cohen negotiated dismissal of the two Child Endangerment charges and got the first D.U.I. reduced to Reckless Driving. Client had to perform community service and pay a fine but kept his license.

Manufacturing Marijuana, Selling Marijuana (to police), Two Counts of Motor Vehicle Theft–An Atlanta Metro Area Superior Court: Filed Motion to Suppress all evidence. All charges eventually dismissed in exchange for a plea of misdemeanor possession of marijuana with a suspended sentence (meaning no sentence imposed).

Heroin Trafficking, Possession of Cocaine and Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute, Recidivist (prior record of multiple drug convictions).  Because of his record, if this person was to be found guilty he was looking at spending the rest of his life in prison. Result obtained: negotiated sentence of serve two and a half months in the jail and then release from custody, followed by ten years on probation. Cobb

Probation Violation: While on felony probation for Possession of Methamphetamine, client was re-arrested for violation of probation for a new felony drug charge and was facing prison.  The violation of probation charge was dismissed and the client was released to his family three hours after court appearance.

Criminal Obstruction of Police: case dismissed prior to arraignment, without diversion, record restricted and sealed from public view. resident alien permitted to apply for citizenship.

Felony Arson: case dismissed (without diversion), record restricted, clerk’s record sealed from public viewing.

Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana charged against visiting out of state resident. Case Dismissed without necessity of diversion, record restricted from public view. Client never had appear in court or return to Georgia.

D.U.I.: Client failed to appear for court on this charge and moved to another state. The court issued a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear for court. Warrant was dismissed, D.U.I. charge was reduced, saving client’s license. He never had to return to Georgia to face these charges. He had several prior D.U.I. charges in his past. Marietta

Juvenile Criminal Street Gang and Assault charges:  Charges unconditionally dismissed and criminal record ordered restricted and sealed from public view.

D.U.I.: Client’s second D.U.I. charge in ten years. Charge reduced, saving client’s driver’s license and job. Municipal Court, 2019

Aggravated Assault with Knife, dismissed after indictment and prior to arraignment, diversion not necessary. Record restricted and clerk’s file ordered by the judge to be sealed from public view. Fulton

Misdemeanor Obstruction of Police and Disorderly Conduct:  case dismissed with payment of court costs only record restricted and sealed from public view. Atlanta City

Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Distribute.  Conviction or any type of guilty plea to this felony would have resulted in deportation of this permanent resident (non U.S. citizen). Charges reduced to misdemeanor simple possession of marijuana and record restricted  from public view. As a result, this client will not be deported, can apply for citizenship, can remain in the United States with family, and can pursue employment in a professional field. Superior Court. Cherokee

 Terroristic Threats (to kill a police officer), obstruction of police, Illegal Drug Possession: We obtained services of board certified forensic psychiatrist who evaluated and tested the client and helped us  mitigate the level of criminal intent to commit the crimes charged. As a result, client was released on probation and returned to family in another state. Information withheld. Cobb

Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Marijuana and Firearm During Commission of Crime Motion to Suppress hearing regarding illegal search of home was held. Court ruled police executed illegal warrantless search. All charges dismissed.

Certified Police Officer Fired for Supposedly Disobeying Order, Civil Service, county personnel board hearing; the judge ordered that the police officer must get his job back with back pay and rank restored because the law police department didn’t prove that the police officer did anything wrong, Redacted County Personnel Office. Atlanta Metro 2019

Client Extradited from far away part of country back to Georgia Facing Prison Client on Georgia probation for illegal drug possession was rearrested in another state and went to prison in that state. Georgia extradited client back to here, where he was facing additional prison for violating his probation because of multiple infractions including committing new crimes while on Georgia probation. At the first court Georgia court date Mr. Cohen got client immediately released from custody and back on a bus to be reunited with his family.

Double Murder and Aggravated Assault, Ten years after a guilty verdict and life sentence for double murder and armed robbery, charges Reduced to Manslaughter, sentence reduced from to 30 years to serve with credit for ten years already served because trial judge should have but did not recuse himself from case.

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