A man attacked a 13 year old boy for not taking hat off during national anthem. Says president told him to do it.

Man attacked a 13 year old boy and cracked the child’s skull because the child did not remove his hat during the national anthem. The man’s criminal defense lawyer said the man’s defense is that the man thought that the president wanted him to do it. A witness said the man told him “[the boy] was disrespecting the national anthem, so he had every right to do that.” This appears to be a potential insanity defense because the defendant, who had suffered a service related brain injury, claims that he thought his commander in chief ordered him to do it. Even if insanity is not a workable defense, the man still has a mental health defense that can mitigate, or reduce, any possible punishment. Montana, like Georgia has a mental health court. The man’s lawyer will likely look into that option along with an insanity defense.

Source: Mineral County Sheriff